What is strange in northern Spain

Nearly 250km from Madrid, Burgos captivates so many visitors with its charming beauty. With an extensive list of ancient legacies but a short stay, we finally chose the most typical attraction, the Burgos church. It is the symbol of the city located in the central area.

One of Spain’s three largest churches, the Burgos church was built in 1221 and completed in 1567. With the Gothic style most typical for Cistercian lineage, the church is built of white limestone.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Tây Ban Nha

High with all majesty and pride. It seems that the whole history of classic Gothic architectural art has been summed up in this church’s wonderful architecture and its unique collection of works of art.

It took me an entire hour to reach Burgos church. I had to look up to see the towering walls and towering church bell tower almost touch the blue sky. No matter where you put the device.

You have a beautiful picture frame with ancient walls as the background and stretches to the horizon as the clear blue sky. The church is located by a river across an ancient bridge, so from a distance the view appears to be ravishing.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Tây Ban Nha

Going around to the back of the church, I walked on my old stone slabs. At this vision, the surrounding colorful houses bring a bit of joy to this serene sacred place. In the shadow of long trees running along the church, visitors leisurely stroll, gazing at each architectural piece of the magnificent building and spreading their hearts and ringing the bell.

I had dreamed of this village for several years before I came across Hallstatt’s slightly sad image on an autumn day with yellow leaves and wet rain. And then today, I arrived here, the sunny blue sky of a late summer day. I realized that the village is only half as beautiful as the dream – half the time of every day.