Top 3 Most aesthetic Cafés in Ibiza

You should all rest now because the holy grail of Ibiza’s most aesthetic coffeeshops is actually here, please browse at the list to see which one you like the most!

Giri Café (Plaza España 5, 07810 San Juan, Ibiza)

You should expect much more at Giri Café than coffee; their menu includes breakfast, lunch and dinner options. They are often known for their talented chefs who also create new recipes based on food on a particular day in the kitchen. The cuisine is predominantly Mediterranean, with an additional touch of Giri’s singularity. We recommend coming here to try at least one things on the menu for more than just a coffee! You will not regret it!

Boho House (Carrer sa Bastida 4, 07840 Santa Eulalia del Rio, Ibiza)

What you need to do is to enjoy and to drink a cup of coffee; it is styles of quotation that you would hope to see on the cupboards in Boho House. This café has a really bohemian, summery atmosphere and is full of caring people from all walks of life. As the name implies. We recommend coming here in the morning for your first cup of coffee, as you sit outside and focus on the fact that you’re in beautiful Ibiza…what better way to start the day? Don’t think about it, you’re starving, there’s enough healthy food on the table!

Nude Café (Plaça Pintor Vincent Calbet 3, 07800 Ibiza)

Nude Café is a fantastic spot to be if you are looking for a decent coffee and a nutritious breakfast on the side. If the food wasn’t prepared from raw, organic and new ingredients, wouldn’t it be an authentic Ibizan cafe! Check out its facebook page and if you need anything more compelling, you can find 5-star reviews from pleased, satisfied customers.