The Square of Espana

Coming to Seville’s most magnificent square, you should take time to admire the fountains, bridges and colored ceramic tiles, then sample the tapas at the restaurants around the square.

Visitors can walk through the Vicente Traver fountain in the center and cross the winding canal on one of the ornate bridges in Espana Square. Stroll along the semicircular exterior of the building on the square and admire the combination of art deco and renaissance styles with colorful ceramic tiles throughout the exterior of the building.

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Espana Square was built in 1928 with the purpose of hosting the Iberia-Americas Exhibition a year later. Unlike many of the exhibition buildings, this landmark was built solidly and the waterways meandered, towering towers and high arches of the building’s façade overlooking the plaza made it one of the Spain’s most charming square.

Stand back and admire the impressive symmetrical composition created by the square designer Anibal Gonzalez. You will see the water columns of the Vicente Travers fountain in the middle of the square, with two towering towers on either side of the façade bent behind. Adjust the camera viewfinder to capture the clear water under the moat and four gracefully curved bridges.

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Don’t forget to come near to see the 48 benches in the arch of the building. Each bench is lined with different enameled tiles, with a picture painted on ceramic tiles depicting a different province in Spain. As you enter the building, look up to admire the ingeniously designed ceiling ceilings.

Movie buffs may want to find the right location that once shot some of their favorite movies. Lawrence of Arab and Star Wars I and III were both filmed in this square.

Remember to enjoy coffee or a little tapas in one of the many cafes around the square or come back here in the evening to watch the moat and fountains sparkling in the lights.

España Square is located in Maria Luisa Park and is easily accessible from the historic center of Seville. The square welcomes guests day and night and there is no admission fee.