Top Ten Traditional Ibiza Dishes That You Must Try At least Once (part 2)

4. Flaons

Flaons or flaó are filled pastries that are usually shaped circular or semi-circular.  The fillings vary depending on different areas in the Catalan regions of Spain. The ingredients may be local sheep or goat cottage cheese and pumpkin jam, or ground almonds and honey. Due to its extensive use of cheese, it is commonly described as an Ibizan cheesecake. Originally, this dish was prepared for Easter family gatherings, but now it can be ordered all year.

5. Zarzuela de mariscos

Zarzuela de mariscos is another popular traditional Ibizan dish. It is an Ibizan seafood stew, with a mixture of shellfish such as scallops, mussels, prawns, and crabs, with squid and different types of fish. This dish is cooked in a saffron-flavored stock, often mixed with bay leaf and lemon juice.  It is named after the Spanish word for comic opera or variety show. This means that eating this dish evokes a symphony of flavors all mixed up together.

6. Bullit de peix

This traditional Ibizan fish stew is best and most popularly ordered at Es Boldado, a restaurant in Cala D’Hort, that overlooks the beautiful Es Vedrà rock.

7. Parrillada de Pescado

This dish is a mixed seafood grill, typically served in beachside restaurants. What comprises the dish is grilled on the same day and served to customers. In addition to local fish varieties like mero (grouper), bacalao (cod), and rodaballo (turbot), lobster, squid, octopus, and prawns are also grilled. It is best served with freshest grilled seafood at the Fish Shack on Talamanca beach.

8. Paellas de Marisco

Paella de Marisc means seafood paella in Catalan. Each region in Spain have their own paella version. The seafood ingredients of this dish come fresh from the bounty of the sea surrounding Ibiza. Cala Es Xarcu, the restaurant run by a husband and wife team native to the islands, is most famous for paella.

9. Greixonera

Greixonera – bread pudding commonly served in the British Isles – is another traditional Ibizan desserta. This dish is made with leftover pastries or bread, like ensaimada.

10. Ensaïmada de Mallorca

Another delicious dessert is ensaïmada de Mallorca, made of fluffy pastry dusted with icing sugar on top.  It can be filled with chocolate, cream, or sweet pumpkin.