Spain and Portugal – whichever is perfect for you

Spain or Portugal? Let’s find out to know more about these two famous Iberian countries, located at the southernmost tip of continental Europe. However, consider all the factors mentioned in this article, and make a decision that suits your wishes.

Located at a great location on the world map, Spain is the only European country sharing the border with an African nation – Morocco. Moreover, the area on Canary Island is one of the driest places in Europe.

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In Portugal, on the other hand, it has a more temperate climate. So if you want to enjoy European weather in a safe and stable country, Portugal is your answer. However, if you want to experience a variety of climate changes, Spain is the best place to choose.

Spain is the third country with many cultural heritage recognized by UNESCO, just after Italy and China. Living in this country will give you many opportunities to explore historical sites.

Modernization has brought to Portugal the typical colors and appearance typical of many other big cities. There have been many ancient castles as well as magnificent palaces, monasteries.

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Classic furniture from the previous eras is still present in hotels and houses. Narrow streets were once a neighborhood of nobility. Those are secret paths for you to explore walking around in the evening.

If you decide to move to another country, you should find out all the places worth visiting. For those who come to Spain to explore the nightlife, Ibiza’s beach town is always home to many entertainment venues and a great place to relax.

In the Catalan coastal region of Girona province, northeastern Spain, is a culinary paradise and has many beautiful sights and beaches not to be missed. The province of Cantabria is a stunning combination of mountains and sea regardless of summer and winter.

Conditions to go to Aupair Spain

Aupair is a unique cultural exchange program that young people participate in. They will live for one year in a homestay family. Among countries with the Aupair program, Spain is a very popular country. The following will be some basic information about Aupair Spain.

To qualify for the Aupair program in Spain, applicants must meet the following requirements:

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  • Women between the ages of 17 and 27, calculated at the time of filing. In particular, the age is usually preferred and most appropriate is 20-26 years old.
  • A college, university or recent graduate student.
  • Desire to learn Spanish culture, language and people.
  • Loves and loves playing with young children, having experience taking care of them.
  • Honesty, responsibility, good ethics, not violating the law.
  • Pass the English test on the entrance level (the test level is usually at the level of communicating with native speakers)

To officially become Aupair Spain, you will have to spend about a few months of preparation with the following steps:

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  • Find out about the Aupair program in Spain through the internet, with friends and family, and then find a reputable counseling center for assistance and advice in your case
  • Submit the above documents to the consulting center so that the consultant can know your information.
  • The counseling center will recommend you the most appropriate families, giving you the opportunity to learn about those families so you can choose the best family.
  • Get to know and talk to the adoptive family via phone, email to learn more about habits, personalities and interests about family members and the environment in which they will live in the next 01.
  • The advisory center will guide you through the procedures for applying for a visa, practice visa interviews before you take part in the visa interview at the Embassy.
  • Once you have a visa, you will leave for Spain, be welcomed by your parents at the airport and begin to live and experience in this beautiful country.

Above is the basic information about the Spanish Aupair program, hopefully the article has brought useful sharing to help your dream of exploring and understanding Spanish culture soon become a reality.

Interesting cultural features of Spain

If you choose Spain to study abroad, you cannot help but know the rich culture of the national identity of this beautiful country. If you are a fan of dancing, the flamenco dance will make you sway to the music. This dance is the breath of great Spanish music.

The charming and vibrant Flamenco dances are rooted in Spain. Along with that, this beautiful country is also the father of the guitar – an instrument that captures hearts. People here love music, they love to dance and treat the Flamenco dance as their brainchild. This dance comes from Andalusia, Spain.

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It is not known when the flamenco originated, but only knew it was used in the 19th century and is often associated with European nomads. Flamenco is a mix of Digan dance, combined with Arabic dance and folk music of Andalucia.

Features of the Flamenco dance are distinct poses, flaps or applause and the sound of shoes tapping on the dance floor. Students coming to Spain can enjoy this dance anywhere.

The theme of the Flamenco dance is usually God, woman and love. It can be said that music and flamenco dance are more typical of Spanish culture than any other art. The sound of guitar, beautiful Spanish girls dancing passionately like captivating birds are indispensable in important events of this country.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho điệu nhảy Flamenco

Spanish architecture is a mixture of historical periods and influenced by many different architectural styles. In addition, the neoclassical school reached its peak with the work of architect Juan de Villanueva and his students.

Over many periods of history, Spanish architecture brings a new breath but still does not lose the familiar architecture. It makes the architecture of Spain something strange but familiar but unique and one that makes admirers fascinated.

Students coming to this beautiful country will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in festivals, helping you relieve stress after the hard study days.

Imprints of ancient architecture in Toledo

Located in southern Spain, about 70 km from Madrid, is the lovely ancient city of Toledo, fully embraced by the Tagus River. With a history of more than 2000 years, Toledo has become an ancient center in the heart of Spain, proudly recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage site in 1986, where many cultures and constructions converge.

Unique ancient architecture, the virtue from the prosperous years as the capital of Spain in the years 567 – 711 and 1085 – 1561. This is the ideal choice for travelers who love the breakthrough from the strokes historic.

The first destination of this city is Alcazar Fort, located at the highest position and built in Roman times. Alcazar Fort has square floors, each side has towers. Each side has its own architectural style. The front of the fortress is in Renaissance architecture; the second side is Plateresque; the third face is medieval architecture; and the fourth side in the Churigueresque way.

During the Spanish Civil War from 1936-1939, the Alcazar fort was almost completely destroyed during the 70-day siege of 1936. Subsequently, the fort was rebuilt to make a Military Museum.

After wandering around the streets of Alcazar and the fortress of Alcazar, you still have to visit some of Toledo’s famous monuments. For example, Toledo’s main church was built in 1226 and took more than 250 years to complete. This is a Christian cathedral with gothic architecture combined with Mudejar style of the Moorish Muslim, you have the opportunity to enjoy the strange, beautiful and famous architecture of this cathedral.

As the sun rises, the sun slowly shines through a hole in the roof of the cathedral and the sunlight moves, illuminating a few minutes on a large altar statue opposite. The statue is divided into two parts: the upper part is the statue depicting “light and angel,” the lower part is the statue of Our Lady holding Jesus Christ at birth.

48 hours in the capital of Madrid, Spain

Known as a tourist paradise and a meeting place of the elite of human culture, Madrid is the dream destination of many tourists. And what would you do if you only have 48 hours in this city, let us experience!

Madrid is not only a large city in Spain, it is a large European capital, with a population of more than 4 million people in the central area and more than 5 million people in suburban areas.

Khu chợ El Rastro

People come to Madrid not only for tourism, but also to experience the capital of Spain with extremely vibrant nightlife, culture, “Royal” brand lifestyle and architectural works. Unique art of this city.

We take a walk around the boulevard, whether by day or at night, is a very interesting experience. This neighborhood is home to hundreds of shops, cafes, and restaurants lined up crowded, very crowded and crowded.

This is also the main road through major boulevards in Madrid. Right in the center of Gran Via avenue, you will recognize the tallest building in Europe in 1929 with a watch with impressive and unique style. You can even save great photos while walking here.

Thăm khu chợ Mercado de San Miguel

The ancient Debod temple was formerly located in the Nile valley of Egypt. When the government built the Aswan hydroelectric dam in the 1960s, Unesco called on many countries to preserve the ancient temples.

The Debod Temple was given to Spain by the Egyptian government to thank the country’s help for helping Egypt preserve a larger temple. The temple is currently located in Madrid park, next to a small museum.

El Rastro is one of the largest flea markets in Europe. The market is made up of thousands of stalls crowded on the streets around Plaza de Cascorro. There are thousands of stalls on display filled with streets. Here, you’ll find loads of accessories, goods and items with a strong local identity. Today, El Rastro is a place where you can find everything from old clothes and antiques to exotic computer parts and jewelry.

Holding hands to travel to the Spanish islands

Spain is known as the tourist paradise of the West. Coming to this beautiful country, you will be able to choose for yourself a lot of famous and wonderful destinations. The first island on this list is one of the beautiful islands belonging to the Canary Islands. This is exactly where Columbus began his journey to discover America.

And coming here, you will be overwhelmed with beautiful, unique trees creating a wonderful forest. Along with that, traveling to these Spanish islands, you will be able to explore the beautiful rocky hills and waterfalls. This is indeed a great resort location for travelers who want to enjoy themselves a long trip with family and friends.

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Another unspoiled island is your ideal getaway is Minorca Island. This beautiful island is one of the top peaceful resorts in Spain. This is the place where visitors can find themselves peace when immersed in the beautiful nature here.

One of the perfect tourist destinations for Spanish islands that you need to consider is the small island called Formentera. The island is also famous for visitors sunbathing – naked on the sand. Don’t be shy about that.

This is a place where travelers who love the wilderness like it very much because it’s quite deserted. The peak time of this island is around July or August of the year. If you want to travel at this time, you should book a hotel early to keep the room.

The next island on the list of tourist destinations to the Spanish islands is Ibiza. This beautiful island is especially vibrant at night. It is very famous for the nightclubs and beach parties you often see on dramas.

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There are parties starting at 7pm and ending in the morning of the next day. Not to mention if you want to go to the market, there is an outdoor market for visitors to visit and sell a lot of handicrafts and delicious fresh food.

Visit and enjoy nature on this island. You can also explore the huge natural caves on the island yourself.