Top reasons why you must visit Ibiza (part 2)

4. Ibiza Town

Called Eivissa by locals, Ibiza Town is the largest and prettiest destination on the island. Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the port city boasts a walled fortress and cobblestone streets. Ibiza Town is divided into sections: Dalt Vila and Eixample. Dalt Vila, which is perched above the water, is the historic area full of world-class restaurants, bars, and amazing sights. Underneath Dalt Vila, you can find Eixample with a lot of newer buildings. Check out the Cathedral called Our Lady of the Snows, which offers one of the best views in the entire town. In addition, don’t forget to walk around the city walls, which are surrounding old town offering great view over the port and south across the water to Formentera.

5. Authentic Spanish food

While visiting Ibiza, you can enjoy its cuisine that has Spanish and Mediterranean influence. Mediterranean influence in Ibiza’s cuisine can be found in most popular dishes such as bacalao (cod), emperador (swordfish), lenguado (sole), and merluza (hake), which are served very simply with some salads or potatoes so that you can taste the fish fully. Meanwhile, Spanish influence can be seen through traditional dishes such as gazapacho and paella. Since Ibiza is a very popular tourism destination, you can find a lot of international restaurants that are suitable for you, ranging from luxury restaurants to simple fast foods.

6. Es Vedrà

One of the most intriguing destinations in Ibiza is the island of Es Vedrà, located just off the coast of Cala d’Hort on the western coast. Es Vedrà is uninhabited and protected as a natural park. The island, which emerged abruptly from the glittering Mediterranean like an offshore volcano, is one of the most startling sights in the Balearics. It’s associated with many local myths and legends, from sirens to UFOs to the Virgin Mary.