Souvenirs in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a city famous for attractions, food, and especially shopping. Since 2018, Spain has eliminated the minimum spending requirement of 90.16 euros, so you have the right to request a VAT refund.

This is rare in European countries, so enjoy your trip. Here is a shopping list that can be helpful when you travel to Barcelona or Spain.

In Barcelona, ​​there is a “specialty” named Espadrilles famous for the summer shoes. Espadrilles is a lightweight and environmentally friendly shoe made of natural materials.


Visiting Lamanual Alpargatera in central Barcelona, ​​you can find this type of shoe with very diverse styles. In Spain, there are many fashion brands with affordable prices and good quality. And often the prices of these brands in Spain will be lower than other European countries.

When you travel to Barcelona and the southern regions of Spain, you can easily see the tiled designs on the architecture. Art Escudellers store in Barcelona sells a variety of ceramic designs that reflect the characteristics of each region in Spain. They offer a wide range of home decor items and kitchen appliances.

One of the famous dishes of Spain, Jamon. Dried ham is thinly sliced, Jamon Serrano is made from white pigs and Jamon Iberico is made of black pork. Iberico is one of the famous names for quality and taste but the price is a bit higher.


This dish is easy to find at restaurants, bars or markets. Many tourists want to buy them as souvenirs but for most countries, the import of meat products is banned so you should check before you buy.

Spanish olive oil is considered a top quality product. Having a history of more than 3,000 years and starting in the southern regions, Andalucia. Spain’s dry weather provides a great environment for growing olives. In Barcelona, ​​there are many types of olive oil with other precious materials like truffle mushrooms. They also offer cosmetic products made from olives that might be suitable for gifts.