Conditions to go to Aupair Spain

Aupair is a unique cultural exchange program that young people participate in. They will live for one year in a homestay family. Among countries with the Aupair program, Spain is a very popular country. The following will be some basic information about Aupair Spain.

To qualify for the Aupair program in Spain, applicants must meet the following requirements:

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  • Women between the ages of 17 and 27, calculated at the time of filing. In particular, the age is usually preferred and most appropriate is 20-26 years old.
  • A college, university or recent graduate student.
  • Desire to learn Spanish culture, language and people.
  • Loves and loves playing with young children, having experience taking care of them.
  • Honesty, responsibility, good ethics, not violating the law.
  • Pass the English test on the entrance level (the test level is usually at the level of communicating with native speakers)

To officially become Aupair Spain, you will have to spend about a few months of preparation with the following steps:

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  • Find out about the Aupair program in Spain through the internet, with friends and family, and then find a reputable counseling center for assistance and advice in your case
  • Submit the above documents to the consulting center so that the consultant can know your information.
  • The counseling center will recommend you the most appropriate families, giving you the opportunity to learn about those families so you can choose the best family.
  • Get to know and talk to the adoptive family via phone, email to learn more about habits, personalities and interests about family members and the environment in which they will live in the next 01.
  • The advisory center will guide you through the procedures for applying for a visa, practice visa interviews before you take part in the visa interview at the Embassy.
  • Once you have a visa, you will leave for Spain, be welcomed by your parents at the airport and begin to live and experience in this beautiful country.

Above is the basic information about the Spanish Aupair program, hopefully the article has brought useful sharing to help your dream of exploring and understanding Spanish culture soon become a reality.