Top Ten Traditional Ibiza Dishes That You Must Try at Least Once (part 1)

Ibizan cuisine has slowly made a mark in the culinary world. Having often frequented by travelers from all around the world, an amazing gastronomic culture has developed recently, characterized mainly by the use of fresh local dishes.

Located on the Mediterranean side of Spain, the food and drinks served there are all sourced from the very fertile region surrounding it. Thanks to the presence of world-class chefs in the restaurant kitchens in villas and resorts, food in Ibiza town is more and more exciting and vibrant, without veering away far from ingredients located in the area. In addition to traditional Spanish cuisine, many restaurants also offer food off the main coast of the country. Ibizan cuisine is more typical of the Balearic Islands’ distinct flavors.

Here are top ten traditional Ibiza dishes that you must try at least once.

1. Arroz de Matanzas (or Arròs de Matança)

Arroz de Matanzasis one of the most traditional dishes in Ibiza. It is made of rice, any type of local meat such as chicken, pork, fish, squid, and sobrassada, added with mushroom, and saffron, and cooked in a broth that has been reduced. Each family in Ibiza has their own special recipe of this dish. One of the best Arroz de Matanzas is served in Cas Pages – a family-run restaurant in San Carlos. This restaurant has been serving locals and tourists for more than 40 years.

2. Sofrit Pagés

Sofrit Pagés is a traditional Balearic stew, which is a hearty mixture of local meats such as lamb, chicken, and the Ibizan sausages botifarra and sobrassada. It is also commonly added with vegetables like artichokes, potatoes, and peppers. Ibizan cuisine is typically known for its seafood specialties, and Sofrit Pagés is traditionally served only on special occasions. However, this meat dish is now available in almost any restaurant that serves traditional Ibizan food.

3. Balearic sausages sobrassada and botifarra

Typically, meat sausages native to the Balearic Islands are eaten on its own as an appetizer or mixed in with other dishes. Sobrassada is made from paprika, ground pork, and several other spices. Meanwhile, Botifarra is an ancient recipe, which is an Ibizan version of a blood sausage with spices.