Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel – Unique art hotel in Ibiza, Spain

Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel – a hotel with art deco style and memphis style will give you a unique experience of color and art.

The art hotel Ibiza Paradiso, with its neon color is located somewhere between Miami and Memphis as a celebration of the adorned art of both Art deco styles of the 1920s and Memphis’s style. in 1980. With ingenuity in the naming of hotels, this resort tries to immerse visitors in contemporary art, with its color design.


Visitors were first introduced to this topic when walking through the front door. The pink walls of the lobby were painted with Pop art and neon lights on the reception desk. The hotel has many works of art throughout the lobby and rooms. It was selected by artist Iñaki Domingo and photographer, filmmaker Diana Kunst, who directed a series of projects focusing on urban art and performance.

There are many exhibition spaces in the hotel, where many artists are gathered. They are introduced by the program called “zero suit residencies” (by the architect). It provides micro workspace for global artists. Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel brings top international creators to the island, helping them advance their careers and popularize their art while exhibiting these innovative projects to customers.


Micro workspace is built in a transparent cube, where artists can work and stay for free as long as they are not afraid to be screened throughout the day. Featured artists include Marcos Torres, Pau Aanz I Vila and Thani Mara, as well as Yoko Honda and Marylou Faure.

Nothing is the same at Paradiso – the art rooms, where guests stay, are the interactive space for artists amidst the appearance of new guests. You can rest assured that your experience here in Ibiza will be unique.

Wall paintings are carefully selected with top designers. Colors and layouts are very nicely designed to give the space a unique look.