Things to Do in Ibiza

There are many different things that you can do in Ibiza. This area is at the forefront of the clubbing scene in the dance music scene in Europe for at least the last 25 years. It has many famous clubs and bars Witcher legendary throughout the world.  When you go to this area you’ll find many amazing beaches to visit, places to shop, and other areas to go here are a few of the things that you can do in Ibiza as a visitor.

Dalt Vila UNESCO Site

This is the oldest as well as the highest part of the town. The area is guarded by old Renaissance fortifications which were built in the 16th century by Charles V. These walls were constructed to fend off attacks by Pirates and to keep invading forces away. There are several bastions in these fortifications that are interesting to visit. You’ll be able to see the harbor and the fishing districts through the various vistas that this site provides which are quite breathtaking.

Ibiza Cathedral

This Cathedral is a nice place to visit. You’ll enjoy exploring it as there is a lot of steep alley ways, boutiques, galleries, and local amenities that you can visit. The cathedral itself overlooks the water for a nice view.

Playa d’en Bossa

This is the main Resort in the area and it’s next to the longest beach which you’ll find on the island. This area is quite the Paradise in the summer days for the younger party crowds. At night you’ll get relaxing music from the various beachfront DJs that are around the area so you can relax on your deck and enjoy the music. Next to this resort is two of the largest clubs in the area so there is plenty of nightlife if you would like to take part in that on your trip.

San Antonio

You’ll find this area on the west coast of this island. It’s the second largest town in the area and gained quite a lot bit of notoriety in the 90s in the 80s. It has many famous nightclubs and great beaches that you want to explore. You will also find great shops and cafes where you can get some good coffee, a cold beer or just shop the day away in the various boutiques and other shops that are throughout this area.  You will also find buses here that will take you to the various clubs around the area.

Talamanca Beach

This is one of the islands larger beaches and it’s a short trip up from the marina. The sand here is snow white and it looks amazing. The scenery around the area includes many hills and low-density development. There is the small holiday community called Cap Martinet.  Which you may want to visit. On the beach you’ll find Excellent places to eat that serve local favorites. The waters of the beach are also quite gentle so they are perfect for children and those that just want to do some light swimming.

Santa Eulalia

If you’re not into the nightclub scene there is also a resort on the island that is very family-friendly. You’ll find this on the east coast of this island and it’s about 15 km from the Ibiza town. the seafront of this Resort is covered in golden sand and is plenty of eateries, shops, and other areas where you can spend your time to enjoy your vacation. If you want to get a round of golf, this Resort is next to the only golf course in the area.


These are just a few of the things to do when traveling in this area. You’ll find plenty to keep you busy in Ibiza as it’s an excellent tourist location for not only partygoers but for families as well.

Places to Go in Ibiza

If you want places to visit in Ibiza, you might not know exactly where to go. There are several excellent areas in this island that you want to visit. There are many different attractions, and also great night life to discover while visiting. Here are a few of the best places to go on your travels.

Cala Llenya

Cala Llenya

If you want to beach that is quiet and different from the other beaches in this island then Cala Llenya is going to be a good choice for you. It’s 10 minutes away from San Carlos and it’s a smaller Beach area. There will be a smaller crowd here and it’s surrounded by pine trees. You’ll find beach volleyball is popular on the beach and there are more families here than single people so it’s perfect for your family. There are some markets and shops around the beach that you can always check out while you’re there

Santa Eulalia del Rio

Santa Eulalia del Rio

This is a major Resort in the area. You’ll find it on the Island’s eastern coast and it’s just a short drive from the main airport. If you want great cuisine, find beaches, scenery, and culture, this is the resort you want to visit. One of the nice attractions of this resort is that there is a promenade that runs along the coastal area. This is lined with palm trees and you can walk along it and it admire the beach and the water for many miles. the food here is excellent and there are plenty of shopping options. Well there is some nightlife it’s not the main attraction of this resort.

Cala Llonga

Cala Llonga

This Resort features a nice sandy beach. You can get great views over the bay and the hilltops covered in Pines provide excellent scenery. This is a very family-oriented place to visit so it’s perfect to take your younger children. The main beach area has a playground and there is a miniature amusement park so the children will have something to do. It’s around a 10 minutes from the main town so you can head to this location and visit the many historic attractions that are in the area.

Sant Josep de sa Talaia

Sant Josep de sa Talaia

this area is on the southwest side of the island and it offers some great Scenic views. You’ll find the Vendranell Nature Reserve and the Salines Nature Park here. This area is also next so some very nice beaches and some extinct volcanoes. You can relax on the sandy Beach or you might want to explore some of the breweries that are in this area. If you enjoy nature and just want to relax this is a great area to explore in Ibiza.


On the northern coast you will find three great beaches. One beach is more crowded while two of them are quite private with fewer tourists. You’ll find sunbeds here vendors, lifeguards, and other attractions. This area is popular with divers and snorkelers because the water is quite clear. This resort is also great for families and you can take longer walks along the coast here. Most of the hotels in this area are within a short walk of these beaches.


These are just a few of the areas that you might want to visit while in Ibiza.  There is plenty to see and do in these islands and it’s the perfect destination for couple’s families or anyone else that just wants to relax and have a good time.

Brief Ibiza History

Ibiza Has some history you may not be aware of. There has been archaeological digging recently that indicate some of the first settlements deep back to around 3,000 years ago. They have found artifacts such as bronze axes, and other artifacts that provide evidence that there were early settlements in the area.  Here is a brief look at the history of this area.

The Carthaginians

Carthaginians discovered this area in 654 BC. they founded the Ibiza Town.  this is one of the earliest towns in the European area. they called the town Ibossim, which is very close to the name it holds today. The name Ibiza has survived until now thanks to the Greeks. They came to this area during the time that the Carthaginians did and they called the islands here Pitiusas or the pine covered Islands which we know as Formentera, and Ibiza today.

The Carthaginians were traders and merchants and this area became an important trading center for them. It had strong city walls and a large harbor for their ships. One of the main goods that they traded was salt or what they referred to as white gold. The process of making salt today is much the same as it was during the Carthaginian time to get the salt from the sea water. in Carthaginian culture, Ibiza also played a role as this as one of their largest burial grounds. It was said that the dead were buried on the island because there were no animals to dig up the graves. In some areas you’ll find a large collection of Punic artifacts and these artifacts were recovered in grave sites. Many of the dead were buried with objects and utensils so they could use them in the afterlife. One of the gods of the Carthaginians was the goddess Tanit and she can be found on many of the ceramic pots and other pottery that is made on the islands today.

Roman Times

The Romans and the Carthaginians were at war during the Punic Wars and the Romans conquered much of the area. The Romans called Ibiza by the name Ebusus, but this area did not become a part of the Roman Empire. It became a confederation town and maintained its independence. You will find some Roman statues here and some other Roman artifacts.

Middle Ages

During the dark ages of Europe, there is not a lot of record of this area. The area is said to have been conquered by barbarians, vandals, and the Byzantines. Under the Byzantine Empire they had a little bit more Independence and developed a sharecropping system and an irrigation system. there are not a lot of relics from this area but there is an underground Chapel which can be found at Santa Ines.


Around the 9th century ad the Arabs arrived in this area and stayed for over 500 years. The island was called Yebisah by them and there is an Arab influence in this area still today. Some of the musical instruments, traditional costumes, and houses of the area are of an Arab influence as is the island dialect which is called ‘Ibicenco’. They built a large mosque in the area and they also work to fortify the city walls. Some of the watchtowers and the remains of the walls can still be seen today. Under Arab rule there was economic growth in the area. Fishing, Agriculture, and the salt fields provided most of the income during this time

The Catalans

In August 1235, the area was conquered by the Catalans. It is said that they gained entrance to the town through a secret underground entrance and then besiege the city. This secret passage is still found in the city although it is not possible to crawl through it as it is fenced off.

The Churches

The church tore down the air of mosque in the area and built the cathedral that is still there today. All of the villages on the island we were named after Christian Saints and many churches were constructed. San Antonio and San Miguel are two of the oldest churches in the area


During the later centuries the ruling Catalans neglected the islands to a large degree. At this time, they were plundered to a great extent by pirate gangs. The villagers build many defensive churches during this time with fortified walls. The villagers would shelter there before an attack and they even had cannons on the roof of the churches. The walls of Ibiza town were constructed in the 16th century and these are the same walls that we see today. Later on, along the coast pirate towers were built and you can still see some of these today. If pirates were spotted, someone in one of the towers would light a signal fire which would warn the next hour and they would like their own fire and on and on it would go until the towns knew that the Pirates were coming and they could prepare for them.


This is a brief look at some of the history of Ibiza and the surrounding area. This location is rich in history and today it’s making history as some of the best clubbing and nightlife entertainment that can be found anywhere in the world.

Best Clubs in Ibiza

If you’re looking to go clubbing in Ibiza, there are several clubs that you should consider. The type of club you go to is all going to depend on your individual taste since there are so many clubs and options on the islands. Here are some club options that you might consider for your vacation

Amnesia Ibiza

This club was once the estate for a Spanish family that was quite wealthy. This club will hold 5000 individuals and it’s been favored bike lovers and dance artists since the 1980s. There’s a custom sound system here, and there’s even an enclosed greenhouse Terrace area where Partiers will dance into the sun rise. this could be the perfect club for you to visit when you are on your vacation.


This is a unique clubbing experience which takes place in a converted estate. This is just off the edge of the airport in Ibiza. So it would be a perfect club for you to go to as you get off the airplane and want to place to relax.  This club is housed in an old airport hangar and it has a capacity of 1,500.


This club has gone through several Renovations and is now open to the public. It Now features a sound system which is state-of-the-art and it also offers catering services too many different events in the area. This is an excellent club to visit if you want a great time.


If you wanted great cultural and clubbing experience, you should visit Heart.  there is great live performances here, dining experiences, and nightlife attractions. It is owned by Guy Laliberté the founder of Cirque du Soleil and the brothers Ferran and Albert Andria. This place offers an excellent clubbing experience

Pacha Ibiza

In 1973, this club opened.  This is one of the best-known clubs in the area and you’ll find it at the heart of the Ibiza town. many famous and rich people come to this club and you’ll have a tremendous experience when you do visit. If you’re looking to enjoy exciting nightlife and even run into some celebrities, this is the club you want to visit.


This club is massive and it’s in the Guinness Book of World Records as it’s the world’s largest nightclub. There’s an open-air dance floor here, swimming pool, host, and even adult entertainment. You’ll find that this is the perfect club before all different types of tastes and for those that want to experience a truly unique clubbing experience.

Space Ibiza

This club was awarded the honors as being the best Global Club and it’s won this award four times. It’s been given this award by the international dance music awards. this club hot spot is found in one of the largest and oldest in the town. this is an excellent place to go for your clubbing experience.


If you want to Unique clubbing experience, come to this Beachside open-air party. You can get top-notch a VIP treatment and this club is known for its dancing girls. This club also operates in the daytime and there’s a pool so you can take in some swimming as you enjoy the clubbing atmosphere.


These are just some of the clubs that you can enjoy on Ibiza. There is a club here for anyone that is interested in night club life, dancing, great music, and good food. You’ll find a club here for any need or taste.

How to Get the Most out a Vacation to Ibiza

At times, the word Ibiza can lead to instant mental images of vibration club scenes filled with the constant soundtrack to today’s most popular hits that are played by an almost too energetic DJ. This plus images of dance parties that last until the sun beings to rise. If this is how you see Ibiza, then you’re already missing out on all the other creations that Ibiza has to offer.

The white island based in Spain also has a peaceful and almost tranquil side to it that draws thousands of tourists there yearly. Just think of this scene; a secluded beach that can be explored by you and your beloved, relaxed resorts filled with a friendly and helpful staff and the vibes that are released into the air due to the amount of free-spirited people. Instead of partying the night away, here is a list of things to do in Ibiza to make your experience even more enjoyable and different.

Where to Stay

A popular spot to stay if your looking for a quiet and beautiful spot is in the stunning town of Santa Eulalia, which is known for it’s gorgeous beachfront that is home for the people who want to escape the realities of life. The town’s brand is stapled everywhere, it being a relaxed and modern style, which can be seen from the modern décor of its suites from rental vacation homes and hotel rooms, the few private pools filled with calming lights, fires, and a luxurious setting.

While on the rooftops of some lovely building features a sharply dressed waitstaff to serve delicious cocktails to the patrons who are watching the entire 360 few of the Mediterranean subset. Other than the stunning externalities, this town offers ideal yoga classes that take place indoors and outdoors, a full-service spa that can help you relax even more, and access to the hotel owned private boat that will take you on a specialised tour of the coastline and all of the natural beauties.

Though, some visitors who are re seeking a more upbeat atmosphere should consider heading to Nikki Beach, Ibiza which is next door. This chic beach club would remind anyone of the vibe they would get while in the likes of Miami. From the pure white cabanas and the day side beds are the perfect combination to watch over the poolside.

If you happen to be travelling in a larger group, an Airbnb would be a better choice, and there are plenty of spacious ones around that are located in the middle of the action. However, for a more organised experience, consider using a concierge service that will book the villa along with helping you to make reservations for yachts, restaurants, and ground transportation.

The Best Places for Drinks

Trust us; we know the deal. There’s no shame in wanting to find a place that serves the best cocktails around. A few signature cocktails that are known across the island, such as the Cocolito or even a classic freshly squeezed juice infused drink can be found at the Experimental Beach Club while you watch the sunset across the horizon. Along with your drinks, you can enjoy the daily yoga classes that take place on the beach around sunrise and sunset.

What to Do?

It’s obvious, Ibiza is known for its lively club scene filled with upbeat tunes however there is much more to the island than that. As many of the locals say, you haven’t truly been to Ibiza unless you paddle through the secret caves filled with stunning scenic features and went through the secluded beach by kayak to view the beautiful coastal fish. Along with these beachside kayak trips, the instructor will even stop to let people snorkel I the reefs before making another stop to let them cliff dive into the stunning water below. Or if you want to try out something new, the northern side of the island features horseback riding with rescue horses that are friendly and loving.

Best Time to Go to Ibiza

There is really not a bad time of the year to go to Ibiza with its nice Mediterranean climate where the summers are long and the winters are mild. When you go to Ibiza why are you going? Are you going to take advantage of the many beautiful beaches? Are you going to take in the party atmosphere? Or are you going just to get away? Many people go to take advantages of the beaches, which are plentiful all around the island from deserted ones to ones that have the big parties. If you plan on going to Ibiza to take in the beach life then you should know the weather for the different seasons.


When the spring comes around the temperature of Ibiza cools down a little and usually, the median temperature is around 70 degrees, which is very nice. In the spring, there will also be rain in a decent amount, but not too much. The evenings can get a little cool, but not cold and the beaches at night on the island in the spring can be spectacular, especially at sunset and sunrise.


Summer can be the best time to visit Ibiza, but it is also the height of the tourist season. Not a big shock that in the summer is when the weather is the hottest in Ibiza. However, the temperature does not get sweltering and in the evenings, it is usually around 65-70 degrees in June and a little hotter in July and August. There is not much rain in the summer, but it does happen so if you go at that time maybe a little rain jacket may not be a bad thing to pack. The water is also warmer in the summer, which is when many of the big parties and raves are around the island. It is not a surprise that the summer is the peak tourist season in Ibiza.


The autumn weather is nice in Ibiza and will continue to be that way until the winter. It will usually be in the 60’s and often the early fall is the best time to go for the weather and since many of the tourists have left the party scene. Autumn is the rainiest season in Ibiza and while it still does not rain all the time the storms do come, so if you plan on going at this time a light rain jacket and even an umbrella are a must.


Being in the Mediterranean the winters in Ibiza are mild, but it is still the coldest of all the seasons. The median temperatures will tend to be in the high 40’s to 50’s. While layering is a good idea in winter you really do not need to bundle up, as it is rare for very cold weather on the island. There is moderate rainfall in the winter, but not much. However, being an island, storms can occur and come quickly.

Beaches in Ibiza

While many think about huge parties and famous partygoers and DJ’s when thinking about the beaches in Ibiza, there are some for every type of traveler. There are beaches on the Spanish island for families and party animals and everything in between. While many of the beaches are crowded there are many that are not and quite serene and are visited by the locals. There is also no lack of places to eat and drink on the beaches in Ibiza.

Often the beaches in Ibiza will have very soft powder-line sand and water that is shallow, which is great for wading in the water and especially for children. When it comes to amenities at or near the beaches there will be more of them available close to the resort towns. Some of the beaches nearer to them, such as Cala Bassa, will have more crowded beaches nearby, but, again, have more amenities, as well as more things for families to take advantage of.

Adventure Seekers

For those who want a little adventure in their Ibiza vacation, there are beaches such as Cala Llenya and Punta Galera to name just two. Beaches such as this have many water sports available like snorkeling and kayaking. There are even some nice cliffs into deep water for cliff jumping. There are many beaches to take in a gorgeous sunset and one of the best, and with good reason, is Cala d’Hort. The formation of Es Vedrà is the backdrop of the beach, and Cala Conte is also a great choice for watching the sun go down. While there are many tourists that flock to Ibiza each year there are still many beaches that have secluded coves and areas where you can get away from the crowds.

If you are traveling to Ibiza for famous parties and the nightlife, you will find several beaches that can accommodate you. Playa d’en Bossa is THE party beach and on the east coast in the south part of Ibiza town and is the longest beach on the island. The nightlife rages on the beach until the early morning hours and there are also many clubs and bars and restaurants. Playa d’en Bossa is where the famous open-air venue Ushuaïa is located. San Antonio beach is on the west coast of the island and has the two big clubs of Es Paradis and Eden, which are right under the palm trees. This beach is also renowned for its sunset strip with many cafes, bars, restaurants, and shops.

Food, Drink and Dining

There are tons of eating and drinking options in Ibiza on or near the many beaches from five-star dining to tiny beach shacks selling inexpensive food and drinks. The seafood on the island is fantastic, and paella and sangria can be found in spades. From drinking libations at an all-night raging party or relaxing with a beer or glass of wine watching a spectacular sunset at a secluded beach cove, Ibiza has you covered.

Ibiza is so much more than a party hot-spot, as gorgeous beaches, beautiful water, and great food can be found all around the island, which has something for every vacationer.

Top Five Travel Destinations in Ibiza

Ibiza, Spain is a wonderful destination many tourists are drawn too. The Mediterranean island off the coast of Spain is one of the largest Balearic Islands and has become known for its extensive electric sound nightlife. While many visit the island to party the night away, most others visit for its scenic beauty and picturesque locations that dot the island.

Here is our top five must-see Ibiza sites. We recommend you do your own research before booking your trip to ensure appropriate accommodation while staying on the island that is away from the clubs and nightlife scene. This will ensure your stay is memorable and not interrupted by the sounds from nightclubs that often last well into the early morning hours.

1. Platja de Ses Salines

Platja de Ses Salines is located in the Ses Salines are and is considered one of the best beaches on the island. Known for its white sand and clear ocean waters, the large rolling sand dunes and patches of Sabina pine set the stage for what is pure magic. Those wanting to be in the family-friendly area of the beach should venture to the northwest section and those looking for something a little less family friendly will find nude sunbathers in the southwest section.

2. Dalt Vila

Dalt Vila is located in Ibiza Town. This site shows the historic importance of Ibiza with its 16th-century bastions that can be seen to the south. The fortified hilltop was initially established by the Phoenicians and was later occupied by various other civilisations. It is now a scenic and tranquil area that offers cobbled lanes and is accessible by foot only. There are also a number of medieval mansions one can visit and a cathedral.

3. Platges de Comte

Platges de Comte is a wonderful part if West Ibiza that is covered in sand dunes and offers wonderful warm and shallow water, perfect for the kids and family afternoons by the ocean. The perfect time to hit this area is late afternoon as it is west facing and perfect for afternoon sun.

4. Ramparts

The Ramparts are located in Ibiza Town, and for history buffs, its large walls that soar 25 meters high are ideal for a look back in time when forts were constructed in the Renaissance era as a way to protect those living on the island. The area offers the ability to walk the full perimeter of the fort and affords great views along the way.

5. Stonehenge

Ibiza’s Stonehenge is located in South Ibiza. This monument is one that locals chose to call Stonehenge as it resembles the more famous one in the U.K. It consists of thirteen basalt columns and was created by Andrew Rogers, an Australian artist who was commissioned by Guy Laliberté, the founder of Cirque du Soleil.