What Is the Best Time to Go to Ibiza?

Ibiza is an attractive place to visit at any time of the year but, certainly, you will have diverse experience during different seasons. In different months the prices will differ, the crowds will be bigger or smaller as well as some activities will take place at particular times. So, if your decision to spend your vacation in Ibiza is final, it’s time to pick the perfect time of the year to have the trip of your dreams.


May is a great month to visit Ibiza if you want to chill and have a peaceful time. The towns are not too crowded yet, but the restaurants and clubs are already up and running. The winter finishes and the new fantastic season begins.

The temperature at this time is ranging in the 60s so no cold can stop you from enjoying all the activities. Besides, the last weekend of may is a season-opening! So plan your time carefully if you don’t want to miss it.


That is when the season really begins! The weather’s getting warmer, the beaches are more crowded and the clubbing nights are heating up. It’s essential to keep in mind that the prices will start raising too, so be sure to book a hotel and rent a car beforehand. Many young people arrive in San Antonio and Playa d’en Bossa to blow off steam – and that’s what Ibiza is about! If you enjoy clubbing, June is a perfect month for you to visit Ibiza.


In July the temperature goes up to the 90s, and Ibiza gets busier. There are more people at the beaches, and the hotels are full, but the nightlife never stops. Every weekend you can still party all night long. On the other hand, there are also plenty of options available for the families who hope to get rest and have fun family time. Resorts and hotels hold a variety of events to entertain the whole family.


August is definitely the hottest and craziest month of the year. Parties go around and never stop, music is everywhere – dance by the pool or dance at the beach! If you have come for clubbing, it’s an excellent time for it for sure.

There are still attractive options for the families (don’t think that it’s all about clubbing), and the best places to go are Santa Eulalia, Es Canar or Portinatx. There your kids can enjoy any sort of entertaining activities including water parks or go-carting.

September to April

Ibiza is still very much alive during September and October. However, October is the official end of summer in Ibiza. In September though you are still able to enjoy warm weather, less crowded beaches and have a chance to hit the Closing Party of the season.

The months from November to April are not too active, and most of the clubs and restaurants close. And Ibiza does go cold during the winter – the temperature reduces to 30s. However, the landscape is remarkable. So if you enjoy a camping trip in a rented car (for only six bucks a day) and a fantastic view – you should definitely visit Ibiza in winter.

We hope this small guide will help you pick the best time to visit this amazing place. And you should remember you can have an unforgettable vacation during any season – just stay positive and enjoy all that you encounter.

The Ibiza’s passionate and exciting night

If you want to “fire excited yourself” at a party, nothing more than a out night in Ibiza!

Along with the cities of Mallorca, Minorca and Formentera, Ibiza is part of the Balearics region of Spain. It is a small archipelago about 215 km from Barcelona in the Mediterranean Sea. It is known as name “White Island”.

Ibiza is famous for its natural beauty, many white sandy beaches, picturesque old town and also the world famous party venue. During the summer, guests from all over the place danced and danced at clubs such as Pacha, Privilege, Amnesia, Space and DC10.

If you think that night in Barcelona is so hectic then perhaps when you come to this place, you will have to use wild and wild words to talk about the scene of the night party. The clubs here have become an indispensable place for dance musicians around the world.

Every year, famous DJs come to perform here from the night before until the next morning. But the ticket prices of these places are not cheap either. So, if you do not want to spend too much money on big nightclubs, you can still enjoy the hot atmosphere at beach parties that can be discounted.

Also, if you want to have a weekend holiday that you can jump jubilantly do not forget to travel by boat from Barcelona. From the end of May to September, this is the time that  in every weekend there always is a boat trip to serve the guests.

The adventures of the lively White Island begin on Thursday night, and after three days of fun, visitors will return to the mainland on Sunday night. Although the schedule of each trip is slightly different, but no matter how, when the boat you will enjoy playing with fellow travelers, whether people from all over the world.


A Guide to the Best Clubs on Ibiza

Ibiza is famous for many things – gorgeous beaches, remarkable landscapes, historical places but most of all for its parties and clubs! So if you are going to Ibiza focusing on clubbing, you will probably need all the summer season to hit all the clubs and parties. Don’t know where to start? We’re going to help you with that. Among all the great places Ibiza has to offer, we have picked a few of the best that are worth visiting at the first place.

Amnesia, Ibiza

This is probably one of the most well-known and oldest clubs on Ibiza that was opened way back in the 70s and has earned a Best Global Club award in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2011. Amnesia is a massive club with two huge rooms – the Club Room and the Terrace where you can observe astonishing sunrises filling the room with light through a glass roof.

Amnesia is famous for its opening and closing parties, foam parties and spectacular laser show. If you enjoy techno, trance, bass, house or Latin music, this place is for you. They even hold live shows quite often.


Since the opening in 2011, the club became a must-visit place in Ibiza with its awesome day-time outdoor parties. It has become famous for holding big-name DJ battles and featuring glamourous go-go dancers along with other exciting events.

The club usually opens from three to five in the afternoon and keeps rocking on until midnight, except for the opening and closing parties which last all night long.

You can also enjoy a magnificent pool area, fancy VIP section, and the rooftop lounge terrace with a fantastic view. The club belongs to the Ushuaїa Ibiza Beach Hotel located in Playa d’en Bossa.

Pacha, Ibiza

Pacha is the legend-superclub in Ibiza, opened in 1973 it has been raising popularity together with the island itself. Every party in the club is an incredible event that will show you how to party with style. In Pacha, you can enjoy any style of electronic music from the underground to mainstream performed by the incredible talents of the White Isle and from all over the world. The club is famous for its gorgeous VIP area and the playground for the rich and famous. By all means, it’s a must-stop on your agenda while clubbing in Ibiza.

Es Paradis Ibiza

Es Paradis Ibiza might not be the craziest place, in comparison to the other clubs, but there are nights when it goes wild. If you are a first-time visitor on Ibiza and not too experienced in clubbing, Es Paradis is a nice place to start and get acquainted with the nightlife. It’s probably one of the most beautiful clubs on Ibiza with its famous garden and stylish decor. It’s famous for its water parties when the water shoots out of the fountain on the dance floor.

Clubbing on Ibiza can go wild and will give you an unforgettable experience so don’t hesitate and go for it!

A Guide to Some of the Best Hotels in Ibiza

When it comes to planning your vacation in Ibiza, there’s always so much to keep in mind and remember to do. While making all the preparations and decisions comes relatively easy, choosing the best places to stay at can be tough. There’s so much information screaming at you from every banner on the web that it’s easy to get confused. Therefore, we have put together a useful guide of places in Ibiza to stay at and enjoy all the beauty of the island.

One of the first points to cross out of your vacation to-do list is booking a perfect hotel to enjoy your stay. Naturally, there is a wide variety of available options. We have narrowed them down to some of the most appealing ones.

Can Pardal

Can Pardal is a small yet luxurious hotel located in the heart of San Miguel next to the famous church of San Miquel de Balansat. The place is peaceful and quiet, so it’s perfect for a romantic weekend or a nice family vacation. A few of the town’s restaurants and shops are only a five-minute walk away. Some of the northern beaches including Benniras are also not far – only a fifteen-minute walk.

Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza

For those who seek a combination of luxury and entertainment, Hard Rock Hotel will be a primary choice. The hotel can be loud, with a variety of parties going on but it’s also family friendly. Every family member can find something for them: there is a top-notch kids club with a nursery and playground, a luxurious spa with outdoor and indoor swimming pools, a range of restaurants and bars and a lot more. The hotel, located on the largest beach, offers you some of the most stylish and attractive rooms.

Vinya d’en Palerm

Sa Vinya d’en Palerm is a classy family hotel that has been owned by the Palerm family for generations. It’s a small property perfect for tourists who look for a quiet resort with a lot of places to relax. The hotel was formerly a farm and preserved its traditional feel of a country house. There are plenty of plants around the territory surrounding the cozy and beautiful dining areas and swimming pools. The kicker of this place is that it offers yoga, pilates and meditation classes.

Atzaro Hotel

Atzaro is one of the most luxurious and outstanding hotels in Ibiza with a wide range of services and is famous for its spa. The hotel has a convenient location, only 20 minutes away from Ibiza town and half an hour from the airport. It stands between Santa Eulalia and San Lorenzo with only a ten-minute drive from the finest beaches on the island. Tourists can benefit from a wide variety of services including a fitness center, sauna and, of course, the luxurious spa. It’s family-friendly with activities for kids. Moreover, children under six years old stay in the hotel for free.

Whichever option you like the most and would like to stay at, you can be sure that you will have a wonderful time because Ibiza is a magical place.

Travel Ibiza – the paradise of the rich elite

Ronaldo, Messi and many other famous footballers often choose offshore islands off Spain for leisure. One of that is Ibiza.

It is 79 km far from the Valencia coast. Ibiza is in the Baleares Islands. This is an autonomous community of Spain that is relatively small area. But it is a famous tourist island with beautiful coastline, bars, party overnight. Ibiza was mentioned in EDM (electronic music) in the song “I took a pill in Ibiza” as well as a majestic spot.

Ibiza is recognized by UNESCO as a Natural and Cultural Heritage because of the marine ecosystems of diverse communities and older culture. Especially the giant grass of sea that’s Posidonia was found only in the Mediterranean and many ancient Phoenician civilizations. Among them is the most prominent Sa Caleta Phoenician settlement.

Visitors are delighted with the fine white sand and the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea in Ibiza. In addition to sunbathing, swimming, diving, skydiving … there is also an overnight camping service to watch the stars and dawn for a price of 60 euros per night. In summer, the temperature in here is just over 20 degrees Celsius, rarely hot to 30 degrees, and the lowest is about 8 degrees Celsius. This makes it to be the ideal resort for many football stars, especially the players of Real Madrid (Spain).

One of the closest visitors to the island is C. Ronaldo. Almost every summer, he is in here with his friends and his family. He has a special affection for Ibiza. When he won the Euro champion prize, he went to Ibiza to celebrate. When he injured, he also went to Ibiza resort …

Not only the celebrities of Spain but there are also many other players like Brazil’s Roberto Firmino. He had just scored his second goal with the Mexican players at World Cup in Russia. Then he also choose Ibiza as a place to stress with his wife and some his friends in May this year. Himself-propelled motorboat is the most favorite pastime of visitors to going Ibiza.

Best Beaches in Ibiza: What to Start with On the First Trip

Ibiza is probably one of the most attractive and appealing places for tourists and travelers from all over the globe. It has a lot to offer – luxurious hotels with excellent accommodations, historical places, wild parties and, of course, some of the most beautiful beaches. There are so many beaches in Ibiza, that in one trip there will unlikely be enough to see them all. (Of course, if a nice time at the beach is what you’re seeking). So we have gathered a list of some of the best Ibiza beaches to give you an idea of where to start.

Cala Salada

Cala Salada is a gorgeous beach laying not far from San Antonio, and it once was called one of the best beaches in Europe. It’s an excellent place to spend a great day with your family while enjoying traditional Spanish dishes at the restaurant with the same name.

You can get to it by road or by sea sailing right to the shore. There is also a large parking area available with a direct walk straight to the beach.

The small beach has everything travelers can wish for: crystal clear water, soft sand and pine forest hills around. Those who like the adrenaline rush can try and jump from the cliffs. However, it’s vitally important to check the depth of the water as some places are not safe to jump.

Las Salinas

This is a place to party! Even though Las Salinas is a great place to relax, you should be ready to face multiple party parades or hear a wide variety of dance music from the bars.
There are multiple restaurants with gourmet food and bars that bring the cocktails to you right on the sand. However, if you are up for an absolutely fun day, there are a lot of entertaining activities: sailing, kayak, stand-up paddle – you pick!

The beach has a nice and soft layer of pale sand surrounded by pine woods, with crystal clear water perfect for surfing on a windy day. And if you go further down the beach, you will find a small and quiet area popular among the nudists.

Las Salinas is only a ten-minute drive from Ibiza town and is easy to reach by car.

Aguas Blancas

Aguas Blancas lays on the road from San Carlos with only a ten-minute drive from it. The main activity at the beach is relaxation. It’s a quiet beach where you can spend all day without being disturbed. Even at the peak of the summer, it’s not crowded because of the difficult access. You can reach it by car though, and it will be worth it.

The beach is an official nudist place. However, it’s still mixed. Besides, don’t be surprised if you find people covered in reddish mud – this is the dirt from the cliffs mixed with water that will leave your skin as soft as baby’s skin.

The crystal clear water covers a sandy seabed. However, you should watch your step because there are also some rocks around.

Certainly, there are numerous beaches in Ibiza that are worth visiting, but now you know which you can start with to have a wonderful vacation.

When Should I travel to Ibiza?

Many people wonder when they should travel to Ibiza as it’s a very famous tourist destination and there is plenty of nightlife here and clubbing opportunities. The summer season is when you went to travel to this area and it begins in May with parties that go through until October as this is when the majority of the clubs in the area close down.  Here is a little bit more about this area and when the best place to go is.


In the late days of April and into May this area begins to wake up from the winter. In early May, there are just a few clubs that are open and a few events so if you want a more relaxed vacation and don’t really care about a lot of clubbing, this might be the time to go for you. Despite the lack of clubs being open there are many bars that are open during this time. As May that’s closer to June, there are many more parties that begin and clubs that start to open. By the end of May, most of the clubs are open and there are daily events and parties that take place. If you want to less hectic vacation, it’s a good idea to go in early May so you can take part in some of the club activities but it won’t be the larger party saying that it tends to be in late May or early June.


By the time June arrives, thee is a larger party scene than there was in May. By the beginning of May the island is quite busy and there are many parties that open up so you’ll find plenty to choose from. There are many big-name music acts that show up and parties will go all night into the next day. If you want to experience the pure party atmosphere of the area, then June is the perfect time to plan your vacation. June can also be a great time to go because even though there are a lot of parties going on, the cost is a lot less than the peak months which come after June. If you’re a new clubber to this area, June might be the perfect month for you as it will be able to help you get your feet wet in the clubbing activities that take place here.


When you get into July this is one of the more popular months on the island. The weather starts to get hot and the parties also heat up. If you want to experience the true clubbing atmosphere of the island then this is the perfect time to go. There are many parties that take place during the day and go throughout the entire night. The prices for these clubs tend to increase in July and at the lineups to get into the clubs can be quite long. Most of the larger clubs will have events going on throughout the week so there is never a shortage of things to do.


In the month of August, the clubbing in this area reaches its peak. Clubbing in August can be more expensive so you need to be prepared for this if you decide to go in August. The temperatures in the area in August are also at their peak so you have to be prepared for the Heat. if you want a constant party, tons of sun, and a great time, August is the month to go.


In September, things tend to start to slow down, but you’ll find lot of closing parties and things for you to do here. The closing parties can be quite exciting and many big names in music will turn up for these closing events. If you’re looking to experience this island before it closes up, September is a month to go you may be able to get a lot of Bargains and special deals at this time of the year if you know where to look.


In October things start to really slow down, but some clubs are open that will host their closing parties in October. The sun is also a lot cooler so this might be a perfect month for those that don’t like the Heat or larger crowds. You’ll find plenty of restaurants and bars that are open in October and a few clubs are even open to the mid portion of the month before they close for the winter.


This short guide should help you plan your trip to this area. There is plenty to do in the summer months on Ibiza so plan your trip accordingly and have fun visiting the clubs and enjoy the nightlife in the area.

Things to Do in Ibiza

There are many different things that you can do in Ibiza. This area is at the forefront of the clubbing scene in the dance music scene in Europe for at least the last 25 years. It has many famous clubs and bars Witcher legendary throughout the world.  When you go to this area you’ll find many amazing beaches to visit, places to shop, and other areas to go here are a few of the things that you can do in Ibiza as a visitor.

Dalt Vila UNESCO Site

This is the oldest as well as the highest part of the town. The area is guarded by old Renaissance fortifications which were built in the 16th century by Charles V. These walls were constructed to fend off attacks by Pirates and to keep invading forces away. There are several bastions in these fortifications that are interesting to visit. You’ll be able to see the harbor and the fishing districts through the various vistas that this site provides which are quite breathtaking.

Ibiza Cathedral

This Cathedral is a nice place to visit. You’ll enjoy exploring it as there is a lot of steep alley ways, boutiques, galleries, and local amenities that you can visit. The cathedral itself overlooks the water for a nice view.

Playa d’en Bossa

This is the main Resort in the area and it’s next to the longest beach which you’ll find on the island. This area is quite the Paradise in the summer days for the younger party crowds. At night you’ll get relaxing music from the various beachfront DJs that are around the area so you can relax on your deck and enjoy the music. Next to this resort is two of the largest clubs in the area so there is plenty of nightlife if you would like to take part in that on your trip.

San Antonio

You’ll find this area on the west coast of this island. It’s the second largest town in the area and gained quite a lot bit of notoriety in the 90s in the 80s. It has many famous nightclubs and great beaches that you want to explore. You will also find great shops and cafes where you can get some good coffee, a cold beer or just shop the day away in the various boutiques and other shops that are throughout this area.  You will also find buses here that will take you to the various clubs around the area.

Talamanca Beach

This is one of the islands larger beaches and it’s a short trip up from the marina. The sand here is snow white and it looks amazing. The scenery around the area includes many hills and low-density development. There is the small holiday community called Cap Martinet.  Which you may want to visit. On the beach you’ll find Excellent places to eat that serve local favorites. The waters of the beach are also quite gentle so they are perfect for children and those that just want to do some light swimming.

Santa Eulalia

If you’re not into the nightclub scene there is also a resort on the island that is very family-friendly. You’ll find this on the east coast of this island and it’s about 15 km from the Ibiza town. the seafront of this Resort is covered in golden sand and is plenty of eateries, shops, and other areas where you can spend your time to enjoy your vacation. If you want to get a round of golf, this Resort is next to the only golf course in the area.


These are just a few of the things to do when traveling in this area. You’ll find plenty to keep you busy in Ibiza as it’s an excellent tourist location for not only partygoers but for families as well.

Places to Go in Ibiza

If you want places to visit in Ibiza, you might not know exactly where to go. There are several excellent areas in this island that you want to visit. There are many different attractions, and also great night life to discover while visiting. Here are a few of the best places to go on your travels.

Cala Llenya

Cala Llenya

If you want to beach that is quiet and different from the other beaches in this island then Cala Llenya is going to be a good choice for you. It’s 10 minutes away from San Carlos and it’s a smaller Beach area. There will be a smaller crowd here and it’s surrounded by pine trees. You’ll find beach volleyball is popular on the beach and there are more families here than single people so it’s perfect for your family. There are some markets and shops around the beach that you can always check out while you’re there

Santa Eulalia del Rio

Santa Eulalia del Rio

This is a major Resort in the area. You’ll find it on the Island’s eastern coast and it’s just a short drive from the main airport. If you want great cuisine, find beaches, scenery, and culture, this is the resort you want to visit. One of the nice attractions of this resort is that there is a promenade that runs along the coastal area. This is lined with palm trees and you can walk along it and it admire the beach and the water for many miles. the food here is excellent and there are plenty of shopping options. Well there is some nightlife it’s not the main attraction of this resort.

Cala Llonga

Cala Llonga

This Resort features a nice sandy beach. You can get great views over the bay and the hilltops covered in Pines provide excellent scenery. This is a very family-oriented place to visit so it’s perfect to take your younger children. The main beach area has a playground and there is a miniature amusement park so the children will have something to do. It’s around a 10 minutes from the main town so you can head to this location and visit the many historic attractions that are in the area.

Sant Josep de sa Talaia

Sant Josep de sa Talaia

this area is on the southwest side of the island and it offers some great Scenic views. You’ll find the Vendranell Nature Reserve and the Salines Nature Park here. This area is also next so some very nice beaches and some extinct volcanoes. You can relax on the sandy Beach or you might want to explore some of the breweries that are in this area. If you enjoy nature and just want to relax this is a great area to explore in Ibiza.


On the northern coast you will find three great beaches. One beach is more crowded while two of them are quite private with fewer tourists. You’ll find sunbeds here vendors, lifeguards, and other attractions. This area is popular with divers and snorkelers because the water is quite clear. This resort is also great for families and you can take longer walks along the coast here. Most of the hotels in this area are within a short walk of these beaches.


These are just a few of the areas that you might want to visit while in Ibiza.  There is plenty to see and do in these islands and it’s the perfect destination for couple’s families or anyone else that just wants to relax and have a good time.

Brief Ibiza History

Ibiza Has some history you may not be aware of. There has been archaeological digging recently that indicate some of the first settlements deep back to around 3,000 years ago. They have found artifacts such as bronze axes, and other artifacts that provide evidence that there were early settlements in the area.  Here is a brief look at the history of this area.

The Carthaginians

Carthaginians discovered this area in 654 BC. they founded the Ibiza Town.  this is one of the earliest towns in the European area. they called the town Ibossim, which is very close to the name it holds today. The name Ibiza has survived until now thanks to the Greeks. They came to this area during the time that the Carthaginians did and they called the islands here Pitiusas or the pine covered Islands which we know as Formentera, and Ibiza today.

The Carthaginians were traders and merchants and this area became an important trading center for them. It had strong city walls and a large harbor for their ships. One of the main goods that they traded was salt or what they referred to as white gold. The process of making salt today is much the same as it was during the Carthaginian time to get the salt from the sea water. in Carthaginian culture, Ibiza also played a role as this as one of their largest burial grounds. It was said that the dead were buried on the island because there were no animals to dig up the graves. In some areas you’ll find a large collection of Punic artifacts and these artifacts were recovered in grave sites. Many of the dead were buried with objects and utensils so they could use them in the afterlife. One of the gods of the Carthaginians was the goddess Tanit and she can be found on many of the ceramic pots and other pottery that is made on the islands today.

Roman Times

The Romans and the Carthaginians were at war during the Punic Wars and the Romans conquered much of the area. The Romans called Ibiza by the name Ebusus, but this area did not become a part of the Roman Empire. It became a confederation town and maintained its independence. You will find some Roman statues here and some other Roman artifacts.

Middle Ages

During the dark ages of Europe, there is not a lot of record of this area. The area is said to have been conquered by barbarians, vandals, and the Byzantines. Under the Byzantine Empire they had a little bit more Independence and developed a sharecropping system and an irrigation system. there are not a lot of relics from this area but there is an underground Chapel which can be found at Santa Ines.


Around the 9th century ad the Arabs arrived in this area and stayed for over 500 years. The island was called Yebisah by them and there is an Arab influence in this area still today. Some of the musical instruments, traditional costumes, and houses of the area are of an Arab influence as is the island dialect which is called ‘Ibicenco’. They built a large mosque in the area and they also work to fortify the city walls. Some of the watchtowers and the remains of the walls can still be seen today. Under Arab rule there was economic growth in the area. Fishing, Agriculture, and the salt fields provided most of the income during this time

The Catalans

In August 1235, the area was conquered by the Catalans. It is said that they gained entrance to the town through a secret underground entrance and then besiege the city. This secret passage is still found in the city although it is not possible to crawl through it as it is fenced off.

The Churches

The church tore down the air of mosque in the area and built the cathedral that is still there today. All of the villages on the island we were named after Christian Saints and many churches were constructed. San Antonio and San Miguel are two of the oldest churches in the area


During the later centuries the ruling Catalans neglected the islands to a large degree. At this time, they were plundered to a great extent by pirate gangs. The villagers build many defensive churches during this time with fortified walls. The villagers would shelter there before an attack and they even had cannons on the roof of the churches. The walls of Ibiza town were constructed in the 16th century and these are the same walls that we see today. Later on, along the coast pirate towers were built and you can still see some of these today. If pirates were spotted, someone in one of the towers would light a signal fire which would warn the next hour and they would like their own fire and on and on it would go until the towns knew that the Pirates were coming and they could prepare for them.


This is a brief look at some of the history of Ibiza and the surrounding area. This location is rich in history and today it’s making history as some of the best clubbing and nightlife entertainment that can be found anywhere in the world.