How interesting is life in Italia

Italy is a country of culture, art, architecture. In addition, this is also the place where many international students are located in Europe. What life in Italy is so attractive. Services and public transport in Italy are very developed. You can easily travel around small areas such as from the city to the city, from one province to the other and even across Europe.

List of major vehicles, we will see trains, metro, bus, cars and planes. As a student, we recommend that you make the most of your advantages to reduce the cost of public transport.

You can stay in a dormitory or rent a private apartment. There are advantages in being safe in the dorm, not having to worry about spending much and getting to know many friends from different countries. However, when staying in the dormitory, there will also be some strict regulations on time, guest stay and collective hygiene …

It is advantageous to rent a private house on the outside that you can freely choose the space, the right price for the house, and let your friends stay free as well as free time. However, you will have to practice adapting to other people, namely the person sharing the room with you.

In addition, homestay style accommodation with homestay families and helping them with household tasks is also the option of many people.

If you want to go out, go to the cultural months like museums, historical sites and scenic spots. If possible, use a student ID to benefit from all services such as movie tickets, concerts and entertainment.

When traveling, to save money, international students can go to the group and buy a lottery ticket, ask friends or people to go ahead to rent a suitable room.

Also, if your area lives near outdoor markets, why not try to take advantage of the opportunity to buy cheap items? Students living in coastal cities should also take advantage of Mediterranean seafood flavors. Occasionally crave Asian food, you can easily find fresh ingredients in Asian markets.

However, it should be noted that when cooking with foreign students, you should not cook smelly foods such as fish sauce, shrimp paste. Food stored in the refrigerator should also be packed and registered if needed.