Coming soon to open the world’s most expensive restaurant on Ibiza island

Hard Rock Hotel will launch the world’s most expensive SubliMotion restaurant on June 13. This hotel is famous in the world for lively rock shows.

Hard Rock Hotel is located on the island of Ibiza – located in the Balearean Islands, Spain, famous for its dance clubs, singing and exciting good times. Behind the hotel is an island with countless beautiful views of the Mediterranean with a radiant, wild and private beauty.

Ibiza Island is one of the rare islands recognized by Unesco as a world heritage. It possesses beautiful natural scenes and humanistic architectures. Beaches, gulfs, vegetation, deep cliffs and stone-built villages … all exist on the island, one of the most beautiful Mediterranean destinations. Hard Rock Hotel is the most beautiful hotel of this beautiful island.

Hard Rock Hotel has 493 rooms, will open the world’s most expensive SubliMotion restaurant on June 13. This old restaurant is famous in the world for lively rock music sessions.

Opening the world’s most expensive restaurant, Hard Rock Hotel will host a live music theme called “Sleep Like a Rock” on an outdoor stage with a 46inch flat screen, a large bar, and have swimming pool.

In particular, the restaurant has a world-class gymnasium and other modern facilities reserved for rock star Marley.

At the SubliMotion restaurant, guests will enjoy typical Mediterranean dishes, served by the hotel’s top two chefs. 20-course dinner menu. Besides, there is a sports area and exclusive area for visitors to enjoy the beautiful view of Ibiza island from the top of the hotel.

With two swimming pools and Eden pool with the technology of artificial sun-forming machines and outdoor freshwater tanks serving high-class drinks on the spot, Hard Rock hotel really gives visitors moments of rest and comfort. comfortable.

In particular, in the opening ceremony of the world’s most expensive restaurant, Hard Rock Hotel will host a biggest Rock Spa party on Ibiza island. A sandy and windy area, 1,350m2 wide will be the place for this banquet.

Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel – Unique art hotel in Ibiza, Spain

Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel – a hotel with art deco style and memphis style will give you a unique experience of color and art.

The art hotel Ibiza Paradiso, with its neon color is located somewhere between Miami and Memphis as a celebration of the adorned art of both Art deco styles of the 1920s and Memphis’s style. in 1980. With ingenuity in the naming of hotels, this resort tries to immerse visitors in contemporary art, with its color design.


Visitors were first introduced to this topic when walking through the front door. The pink walls of the lobby were painted with Pop art and neon lights on the reception desk. The hotel has many works of art throughout the lobby and rooms. It was selected by artist Iñaki Domingo and photographer, filmmaker Diana Kunst, who directed a series of projects focusing on urban art and performance.

There are many exhibition spaces in the hotel, where many artists are gathered. They are introduced by the program called “zero suit residencies” (by the architect). It provides micro workspace for global artists. Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel brings top international creators to the island, helping them advance their careers and popularize their art while exhibiting these innovative projects to customers.


Micro workspace is built in a transparent cube, where artists can work and stay for free as long as they are not afraid to be screened throughout the day. Featured artists include Marcos Torres, Pau Aanz I Vila and Thani Mara, as well as Yoko Honda and Marylou Faure.

Nothing is the same at Paradiso – the art rooms, where guests stay, are the interactive space for artists amidst the appearance of new guests. You can rest assured that your experience here in Ibiza will be unique.

Wall paintings are carefully selected with top designers. Colors and layouts are very nicely designed to give the space a unique look.


Go to Milan and Ibiza to enjoy the unique football experience

How does Coco Musica Resort recreate the “Ibiza” style? At the end of December 2018, Empire Group officially launched Party Condotel called Coco Musica Resort right in Cocobay complex. The project will vividly reproduce the Music Party style on the white island of Ibiza.

So how is Ibiza style? Recreating the “Music Party Island” style, Coco Musica Resort is just an entertainment place for young people who like crowds and excitement, can do anything else, especially for investors when the village The project is also condotel.

Coco Música Resort tái hiện phong cách “Ibiza” như thế nào?

Ibiza is a familiar place for children of billionaires, Russian tycoons, Dubai ..; Hollywood actors or world famous artists. Not difficult when you can often see Justin Bieber, Orlando Bloom Leonardo DiCaprio, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton or P Diddy in here.

Deliciously Sorted – a company specializing in “caring” for the rich on Ibiza Island, said: we make money by adapting to the needs and wants of upstream customers. They came here just to spend money, spend money and spend money. And our mission is to take that money.

Of course, the way to collect money from this wealthy youth is not just about sightseeing, sightseeing and walking. Although Ibiza is one of the world heritage Unesco recognized, but the super rich almost do not care about the “biodiversity” of the island. But they were attracted by clubs, bars, beer clubs, dance floors, nightclubs, pubs, and nightlife activities in EDM music that lasted until the next morning. Ushuaia, Pascha, Space, Café del Mar … are famous names in Ibiza.

Coco Música Resort tái hiện phong cách “Ibiza” như thế nào?

This beautiful island is also known for its bustling festivals, attracting a large number of visitors who love to reel in powerful music, sexy and sexy dances. Music parties with the presence of powerful DJs like Pete Tong, dancers and world-class singers are almost indispensable.

Guests will admire a bustling night life in Ibiza. Rich people come to spend money, tourism workers operate at full capacity to earn money. The island is always bustling in music, some buses operate all night and the shops are open until morning.



A Guide to Some of the Best Hotels in Ibiza

When it comes to planning your vacation in Ibiza, there’s always so much to keep in mind and remember to do. While making all the preparations and decisions comes relatively easy, choosing the best places to stay at can be tough. There’s so much information screaming at you from every banner on the web that it’s easy to get confused. Therefore, we have put together a useful guide of places in Ibiza to stay at and enjoy all the beauty of the island.

One of the first points to cross out of your vacation to-do list is booking a perfect hotel to enjoy your stay. Naturally, there is a wide variety of available options. We have narrowed them down to some of the most appealing ones.

Can Pardal

Can Pardal is a small yet luxurious hotel located in the heart of San Miguel next to the famous church of San Miquel de Balansat. The place is peaceful and quiet, so it’s perfect for a romantic weekend or a nice family vacation. A few of the town’s restaurants and shops are only a five-minute walk away. Some of the northern beaches including Benniras are also not far – only a fifteen-minute walk.

Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza

For those who seek a combination of luxury and entertainment, Hard Rock Hotel will be a primary choice. The hotel can be loud, with a variety of parties going on but it’s also family friendly. Every family member can find something for them: there is a top-notch kids club with a nursery and playground, a luxurious spa with outdoor and indoor swimming pools, a range of restaurants and bars and a lot more. The hotel, located on the largest beach, offers you some of the most stylish and attractive rooms.

Vinya d’en Palerm

Sa Vinya d’en Palerm is a classy family hotel that has been owned by the Palerm family for generations. It’s a small property perfect for tourists who look for a quiet resort with a lot of places to relax. The hotel was formerly a farm and preserved its traditional feel of a country house. There are plenty of plants around the territory surrounding the cozy and beautiful dining areas and swimming pools. The kicker of this place is that it offers yoga, pilates and meditation classes.

Atzaro Hotel

Atzaro is one of the most luxurious and outstanding hotels in Ibiza with a wide range of services and is famous for its spa. The hotel has a convenient location, only 20 minutes away from Ibiza town and half an hour from the airport. It stands between Santa Eulalia and San Lorenzo with only a ten-minute drive from the finest beaches on the island. Tourists can benefit from a wide variety of services including a fitness center, sauna and, of course, the luxurious spa. It’s family-friendly with activities for kids. Moreover, children under six years old stay in the hotel for free.

Whichever option you like the most and would like to stay at, you can be sure that you will have a wonderful time because Ibiza is a magical place.