48 hours in the capital of Madrid, Spain

Known as a tourist paradise and a meeting place of the elite of human culture, Madrid is the dream destination of many tourists. And what would you do if you only have 48 hours in this city, let us experience!

Madrid is not only a large city in Spain, it is a large European capital, with a population of more than 4 million people in the central area and more than 5 million people in suburban areas.

Khu chợ El Rastro

People come to Madrid not only for tourism, but also to experience the capital of Spain with extremely vibrant nightlife, culture, “Royal” brand lifestyle and architectural works. Unique art of this city.

We take a walk around the boulevard, whether by day or at night, is a very interesting experience. This neighborhood is home to hundreds of shops, cafes, and restaurants lined up crowded, very crowded and crowded.

This is also the main road through major boulevards in Madrid. Right in the center of Gran Via avenue, you will recognize the tallest building in Europe in 1929 with a watch with impressive and unique style. You can even save great photos while walking here.

Thăm khu chợ Mercado de San Miguel

The ancient Debod temple was formerly located in the Nile valley of Egypt. When the government built the Aswan hydroelectric dam in the 1960s, Unesco called on many countries to preserve the ancient temples.

The Debod Temple was given to Spain by the Egyptian government to thank the country’s help for helping Egypt preserve a larger temple. The temple is currently located in Madrid park, next to a small museum.

El Rastro is one of the largest flea markets in Europe. The market is made up of thousands of stalls crowded on the streets around Plaza de Cascorro. There are thousands of stalls on display filled with streets. Here, you’ll find loads of accessories, goods and items with a strong local identity. Today, El Rastro is a place where you can find everything from old clothes and antiques to exotic computer parts and jewelry.

Travel experience and schedule to travel to the beautiful Ibiza island of Spain

The best time to go to Ibiza often does not depend on the climate but often people choose to come here depending on the holiday.

The summer months from the end of May to the beginning of October are the peak months, the stars spend a lot of time, parties on the island all night. This is also the season for water activities such as windsurfing, flyboarding, slingshots, … and is the peak when restaurants operate at full capacity to welcome guests.

From May to October is also an occasion for cultural activities, such as traditional folk dance, festivals and sports activities such as walking or boating, climbing, .. Winter months are more deserted, though it will be quieter, but I do not recommend you to come this season, because Ibiza is the vibrant beach and party!

Air travel is the simplest way to get to Ibiza. There are many direct flights from many major cities in Europe to Ibiza because the island is famous as well as a convenient location. You can fly from Paris, Lisbon, Rome, … to Ibiza.

During my trip I flew to Ibiza from Lisbon using TAP Air Portugal, and left Ibiza for Naples with Vueling. A friend in the group flew back to Ibiza from Paris. Due to being the island of Spain, Vueling seems to have the most flights to Ibiza, when looking for tickets, you should go to this company first.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho ibiza

If you come from some coastal cities in Spain such as Barcelona or Valencia, you can choose the option to take a ferry. You can also consider going back and forth between Ibiza and another beautiful island of Spain Mallorca. See the Mallorca experience here.

Ferry time from Barcelona is about 7-9h, and from Valencia it is closer so the time is shorter. There are two main ferry companies for Ibiza trips that cover each airline for about 6 or 7 flights for week.

How interesting is life in Italia

Italy is a country of culture, art, architecture. In addition, this is also the place where many international students are located in Europe. What life in Italy is so attractive. Services and public transport in Italy are very developed. You can easily travel around small areas such as from the city to the city, from one province to the other and even across Europe.

List of major vehicles, we will see trains, metro, bus, cars and planes. As a student, we recommend that you make the most of your advantages to reduce the cost of public transport.

You can stay in a dormitory or rent a private apartment. There are advantages in being safe in the dorm, not having to worry about spending much and getting to know many friends from different countries. However, when staying in the dormitory, there will also be some strict regulations on time, guest stay and collective hygiene …

It is advantageous to rent a private house on the outside that you can freely choose the space, the right price for the house, and let your friends stay free as well as free time. However, you will have to practice adapting to other people, namely the person sharing the room with you.

In addition, homestay style accommodation with homestay families and helping them with household tasks is also the option of many people.

If you want to go out, go to the cultural months like museums, historical sites and scenic spots. If possible, use a student ID to benefit from all services such as movie tickets, concerts and entertainment.

When traveling, to save money, international students can go to the group and buy a lottery ticket, ask friends or people to go ahead to rent a suitable room.

Also, if your area lives near outdoor markets, why not try to take advantage of the opportunity to buy cheap items? Students living in coastal cities should also take advantage of Mediterranean seafood flavors. Occasionally crave Asian food, you can easily find fresh ingredients in Asian markets.

However, it should be noted that when cooking with foreign students, you should not cook smelly foods such as fish sauce, shrimp paste. Food stored in the refrigerator should also be packed and registered if needed.


Places to Go in Ibiza

If you want places to visit in Ibiza, you might not know exactly where to go. There are several excellent areas in this island that you want to visit. There are many different attractions, and also great night life to discover while visiting. Here are a few of the best places to go on your travels.

Cala Llenya

Cala Llenya

If you want to beach that is quiet and different from the other beaches in this island then Cala Llenya is going to be a good choice for you. It’s 10 minutes away from San Carlos and it’s a smaller Beach area. There will be a smaller crowd here and it’s surrounded by pine trees. You’ll find beach volleyball is popular on the beach and there are more families here than single people so it’s perfect for your family. There are some markets and shops around the beach that you can always check out while you’re there

Santa Eulalia del Rio

Santa Eulalia del Rio

This is a major Resort in the area. You’ll find it on the Island’s eastern coast and it’s just a short drive from the main airport. If you want great cuisine, find beaches, scenery, and culture, this is the resort you want to visit. One of the nice attractions of this resort is that there is a promenade that runs along the coastal area. This is lined with palm trees and you can walk along it and it admire the beach and the water for many miles. the food here is excellent and there are plenty of shopping options. Well there is some nightlife it’s not the main attraction of this resort.

Cala Llonga

Cala Llonga

This Resort features a nice sandy beach. You can get great views over the bay and the hilltops covered in Pines provide excellent scenery. This is a very family-oriented place to visit so it’s perfect to take your younger children. The main beach area has a playground and there is a miniature amusement park so the children will have something to do. It’s around a 10 minutes from the main town so you can head to this location and visit the many historic attractions that are in the area.

Sant Josep de sa Talaia

Sant Josep de sa Talaia

this area is on the southwest side of the island and it offers some great Scenic views. You’ll find the Vendranell Nature Reserve and the Salines Nature Park here. This area is also next so some very nice beaches and some extinct volcanoes. You can relax on the sandy Beach or you might want to explore some of the breweries that are in this area. If you enjoy nature and just want to relax this is a great area to explore in Ibiza.


On the northern coast you will find three great beaches. One beach is more crowded while two of them are quite private with fewer tourists. You’ll find sunbeds here vendors, lifeguards, and other attractions. This area is popular with divers and snorkelers because the water is quite clear. This resort is also great for families and you can take longer walks along the coast here. Most of the hotels in this area are within a short walk of these beaches.


These are just a few of the areas that you might want to visit while in Ibiza.  There is plenty to see and do in these islands and it’s the perfect destination for couple’s families or anyone else that just wants to relax and have a good time.