Spain and Portugal – whichever is perfect for you

Spain or Portugal? Let’s find out to know more about these two famous Iberian countries, located at the southernmost tip of continental Europe. However, consider all the factors mentioned in this article, and make a decision that suits your wishes.

Located at a great location on the world map, Spain is the only European country sharing the border with an African nation – Morocco. Moreover, the area on Canary Island is one of the driest places in Europe.

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In Portugal, on the other hand, it has a more temperate climate. So if you want to enjoy European weather in a safe and stable country, Portugal is your answer. However, if you want to experience a variety of climate changes, Spain is the best place to choose.

Spain is the third country with many cultural heritage recognized by UNESCO, just after Italy and China. Living in this country will give you many opportunities to explore historical sites.

Modernization has brought to Portugal the typical colors and appearance typical of many other big cities. There have been many ancient castles as well as magnificent palaces, monasteries.

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Classic furniture from the previous eras is still present in hotels and houses. Narrow streets were once a neighborhood of nobility. Those are secret paths for you to explore walking around in the evening.

If you decide to move to another country, you should find out all the places worth visiting. For those who come to Spain to explore the nightlife, Ibiza’s beach town is always home to many entertainment venues and a great place to relax.

In the Catalan coastal region of Girona province, northeastern Spain, is a culinary paradise and has many beautiful sights and beaches not to be missed. The province of Cantabria is a stunning combination of mountains and sea regardless of summer and winter.

Married to Spaniards

Among the procedures related to foreigners, marriage registration for foreigners is considered as the most complicated procedure. Including marrying Spaniards.

If you do not receive the advice and support, very few of you can successfully implement this procedure yourself. This article will cover all the content related to marriage to Spaniards.

Marriage with foreigners is a relatively difficult field, so it is relatively difficult for you to find a reputable unit for advice and support. Therefore, you contact many units and receive different consulting results is also completely understandable.

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To marry a Spaniard, you and your boyfriend need to prepare documents and follow the following procedure. When marriage to Spaniards, the documents to prepare are extremely important. Results of marriage registration depend largely on the documents you have prepared.

Full and accurate papers, of course, you will get the results you want. On the contrary, you will have to spend time, effort and money to prepare the paperwork if the papers are incorrect and sufficient.

Thereover, the marriage registrant completes the marriage registration form and submits the dossier. If there are no mistakes, the marriage registrant will receive a receipt form and an appointment to return the results. The time limit for processing and returning results is 15 working days from the date of submission.

In the course of settling, if suspicion of the purpose of marriage is found, the marriage registration authority shall carry out examination, verification and interview procedures.

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Go to the schedule to return results, you two are present to sign and receive a marriage certificate.

Because, your marriage relationship is not yet known and protected by Spanish law. Therefore, you need to follow the procedure of announcing your marriage in Vietnam to the Spanish authorities. This notification procedure is the marriage note procedure.

Marriage notes are a fairly complicated procedure, so I cannot cover them all in this article.


Spain and Nightlife

Bilbao nightlife: there are nights of Bilbao reflecting the warm hearts of its inhabitants. With a vibrant and vibrant nightlife, a rich and varied range of nightlife. That is from traditional pintxos bars to stylish nightclubs, here all the options to spend a fun night out Look at the famous Basque town.

Granada: The city of the world famous, Granada is a center that attracts a large number of students and offers a mix of discos and night clubs. from electronics to turn on, rock music. In Spanish, English and Irish bars, you will always find a suitable place to taste your music or festive spirit.

câu lạc bộ đêm cuộc sống về đêm ở Granada

The local custom is to start the evening with a dinner of tapas. In Granada there are many bars that offer free tapas when you order a drink. Check out the deals on the blackboard outside the exposure bar. One of the best areas where you can enjoy good tapas is Plaza Nueva, near the church, vividly and popularly, in the heart of the city.

Afterwards, the party continued in the disco bar in the center or in the big disco and afterhours around Granada. It ends on 8 in the morning on weekends.

Cuộc sống về đêm ở Granada Plaza de Toro

Plaza Nueva and Calle Elvira: This area attracts people a little more mature, thanks to many restaurants and tapas bars. Calle Elvira, Instead, there are many tea rooms in Arabic style, as well as lots of bars and clubs for the most vibrant young people.

Where you can dance to commercial success or music that knives rock verbs to jazz. There are often deals on free drinks and entrance to attract the largest number of people. Ideal place to get around, and party from one bar to another.

Albaicin: The oldest, larger districts are the iconic Granada. It stands at a high level compared to the rest of the city to cope with the massive Alhambra Palace. By day, the narrow alleys are teeming with tourists. While at night the area is quite quiet and offers a good selection of very popular tapas bars among the locals.

Interesting cultural features of Spain

If you choose Spain to study abroad, you cannot help but know the rich culture of the national identity of this beautiful country. If you are a fan of dancing, the flamenco dance will make you sway to the music. This dance is the breath of great Spanish music.

The charming and vibrant Flamenco dances are rooted in Spain. Along with that, this beautiful country is also the father of the guitar – an instrument that captures hearts. People here love music, they love to dance and treat the Flamenco dance as their brainchild. This dance comes from Andalusia, Spain.

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It is not known when the flamenco originated, but only knew it was used in the 19th century and is often associated with European nomads. Flamenco is a mix of Digan dance, combined with Arabic dance and folk music of Andalucia.

Features of the Flamenco dance are distinct poses, flaps or applause and the sound of shoes tapping on the dance floor. Students coming to Spain can enjoy this dance anywhere.

The theme of the Flamenco dance is usually God, woman and love. It can be said that music and flamenco dance are more typical of Spanish culture than any other art. The sound of guitar, beautiful Spanish girls dancing passionately like captivating birds are indispensable in important events of this country.

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Spanish architecture is a mixture of historical periods and influenced by many different architectural styles. In addition, the neoclassical school reached its peak with the work of architect Juan de Villanueva and his students.

Over many periods of history, Spanish architecture brings a new breath but still does not lose the familiar architecture. It makes the architecture of Spain something strange but familiar but unique and one that makes admirers fascinated.

Students coming to this beautiful country will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in festivals, helping you relieve stress after the hard study days.