Traditional musical instruments of Spain

Spanish culture includes many vibrant cultures, many of which are influenced by other countries. Traditional Spanish music has its roots in ancient Romans, bringing Greek music to Spain.

Other regions of Spain have developed their own separate music along with the instruments. Flamenco guitar, sometimes called “toque”, comes from Andalusia – a small area in southern Spain.

Flamenco is a way of playing the guitar that includes “cante”, the Spanish word for “song.” In playing flamenco guitar, the guitar is played in a way interwoven with melodies. The guitar playing style has been developed to accompany “cante.”

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Small hand-held instruments have been used in Spanish music for centuries and have become Spanish’s traditional instruments. Traditionally, the Castanet is made of Castana wood.

Although it can also be made of metal, and consists of two cups with slightly curved heads to one side. Two cups were drilled to create separate sounds, one creating a higher pitch.

The style of playing Accordion in Basque music consists of fast melody and three-note group. Modern music of the Basque region is a combination of Trikitixa, Tambourine and vocal.

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The Basque Country of Spain often uses Accordion in their music. The Accordion was introduced to the Basque Country from Italy in the 19th century

Bongo drums consist of two types of drum: Macho – bigger drum, and Hembra – smaller than Macho, they are connected by a connecting piece in the middle. Bong drum appeared in Cuba in the 1800s and was played by hand, without drumsticks.

Bongo is placed between the player’s feet while standing, allowing for more free movement. The traditional way of playing Bongo is “Marillo”, in Spanish it is “hammer”.

Spain is a country in which many neighborhoods, from Andalusia to Aragon. Each of those have their own unique culture. This is especially evident in music, with many genres ranging from flamenco to Jota.

English football deposed Spain to dominate Europe

The success of English football this season does not come from randomness, because they are having the best league in the world and the clubs are also competitive. For the first time in history, both European Cup finals became internal matches of the British. Liverpool met Tottenham in Madrid on June 1 in the Champions League final. Three days earlier, Arsenal faced Chelsea in Baku in the Europa League.

English football is entering the golden age. They have talented coaches and teams with quality teams. British football is very scientific. They invest in modern equipment, apply advanced training methods and no longer spend money on superstars.

Many young players of England play very progressively and achieve high results. In 2017, the U17 team won the World Cup. After that, the young players also crowned at the U20 World Cup finals. At the 2018 World Cup in Russia, England came to the semifinals with a squad of young players.

Explaining the dominance of English football in the European Cup this season, former manager Glenn Hoddle believes the clubs are possessing many talents in the squad. Former Arsenal midfielder Martin Keown believes the expertise of coaches in the country is growing.

Juventus brought the old squad from Serie A to the Champions League. With PSG, they have a strong squad, but they lack the skills because the domestic league is too poor. The same thing happens with Bayern Munich. In contrast, English football is highly competitive in recent seasons.

Chelsea and Arsenal have been in the top four for many consecutive years, but the season has been turned off. Other than La Liga, Serie A or Ligue 1, the Premier League this season must also wait until the last game to know the champion team. It is such a high competitiveness that has created a strong reputation for clubs in the European Cup.

How Ibiza’s party really started

Ibiza has long been an island for outcasts and non-adherents, and its history is filled with anecdotes about rock stars.

The buildings of Playa d’en Bossa and San Antonio were brought up, but when we walked on Ibiza’s pine-lined streets in a 1960s Mustang, it didn’t feel like the season. Caroline Lilliehook, co-owner of the car and Mustang Adventures, Ibiza’s first classic Mustang rental business, sits in the driver’s seat and we’re on our way to discover the rock rolling on the island’s sleepy hills.

Or rather, excavate it. Rock ‘n’ roll is the way the music scene took place in the first place on Ibiza, Mr. Lilliehook said. However, most people have forgotten that.

Ibiza has long been an island for outcasts and non-conformists, from a community of creators who first fled the Spanish Franco in 1936, to transparent híp-pi 60s pursuing the magnetic vibrations of Es Vedra island. Fascinated by the way this history turned into the scene of the most passionate party in Europe, I spoke ill of Lilliehook about the stories of tapas lunch.

How did Ibiza become a place for partygoers, I wonder? Turns out the answer is rock ‘n’ roll. But you will have to go to Pikes Hotel to find out more, she said. This is where it started.

Rock roll is the way the music scene takes place in the first place on Ibiza. Basically no owner, no water, electricity or sanitation, in the next few years, Pike has built his five-room hotel from the bottom up, using a jackhammer to put in the infamous pool and exploit the left permission to enter government generators.

When the 1980s began, Ibiza was in the first phase of a tourism boom. Pacha, Amnesia and Club Ku have opened, and rumors about Ibiza’s deserted beaches and gentle hills have spread rapidly. The old capital of the hippie movement is on the top of the change.


Ibiza – The play capital of the world

The visit of Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom in Ibiza before the witness of a series of stars like Leonardo DiCaprio, Lindsay Lohan, P Diddy, Paris Hilton … made the name Ibiza hot in newspapers than ever. Capital is known as the playboy capital of the world. So what is the attraction of the island off the coast of Valencia city? Let’s join IC&Y News to discover the beauty of Ibiza.

The fact that a full-service A-class island, a beautiful natural landscape, a luxurious, rather discreet dining restaurant when located off the coast of Valencia has made Ibiza the choice of the throne in the world.

The stars are less interested in the Ibiza biodiversity areas that have been certified as a UNESCO world heritage site, but mainly because Ibiza owns the most famous nightclubs in the world such as Pacha, Space, Es Paradis, Amnesia …

Pacha is Ibiza’s largest and wealthiest club, Pacha has become a brand that attracts most of the top DJs from all over the world to perform, Pacha has expanded its power to cities like Barcelona , Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Madrid, Munich, Poznan, London, New York, Sydney, Moscow … and even Dubai.

Space Ibiza was honored as the world’s best nightclub in 2014 according to DJMag magazine. If you want the party to never die, Space will be your first choice. Their top favorite program is called ‘We love Sunday’ starting from 4pm Sunday until 6am the next morning. As pioneers constantly expanding, they reached an agreement with the government to allow nightclubs to open until 22h each day.

There is a nightclub that is considered unmatched about the imagination on this island, that’s Es Paradis! The club’s marble interior is filled with laser colors that form chains on the dance floor. If you want to listen to rich music, Es Paradis is not a reasonable choice. The illusion is what Es Paradis offers to customers because the music is mostly electronica.

A Guide to the Best Clubs on Ibiza

Ibiza is famous for many things – gorgeous beaches, remarkable landscapes, historical places but most of all for its parties and clubs! So if you are going to Ibiza focusing on clubbing, you will probably need all the summer season to hit all the clubs and parties. Don’t know where to start? We’re going to help you with that. Among all the great places Ibiza has to offer, we have picked a few of the best that are worth visiting at the first place.

Amnesia, Ibiza

This is probably one of the most well-known and oldest clubs on Ibiza that was opened way back in the 70s and has earned a Best Global Club award in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2011. Amnesia is a massive club with two huge rooms – the Club Room and the Terrace where you can observe astonishing sunrises filling the room with light through a glass roof.

Amnesia is famous for its opening and closing parties, foam parties and spectacular laser show. If you enjoy techno, trance, bass, house or Latin music, this place is for you. They even hold live shows quite often.


Since the opening in 2011, the club became a must-visit place in Ibiza with its awesome day-time outdoor parties. It has become famous for holding big-name DJ battles and featuring glamourous go-go dancers along with other exciting events.

The club usually opens from three to five in the afternoon and keeps rocking on until midnight, except for the opening and closing parties which last all night long.

You can also enjoy a magnificent pool area, fancy VIP section, and the rooftop lounge terrace with a fantastic view. The club belongs to the Ushuaїa Ibiza Beach Hotel located in Playa d’en Bossa.

Pacha, Ibiza

Pacha is the legend-superclub in Ibiza, opened in 1973 it has been raising popularity together with the island itself. Every party in the club is an incredible event that will show you how to party with style. In Pacha, you can enjoy any style of electronic music from the underground to mainstream performed by the incredible talents of the White Isle and from all over the world. The club is famous for its gorgeous VIP area and the playground for the rich and famous. By all means, it’s a must-stop on your agenda while clubbing in Ibiza.

Es Paradis Ibiza

Es Paradis Ibiza might not be the craziest place, in comparison to the other clubs, but there are nights when it goes wild. If you are a first-time visitor on Ibiza and not too experienced in clubbing, Es Paradis is a nice place to start and get acquainted with the nightlife. It’s probably one of the most beautiful clubs on Ibiza with its famous garden and stylish decor. It’s famous for its water parties when the water shoots out of the fountain on the dance floor.

Clubbing on Ibiza can go wild and will give you an unforgettable experience so don’t hesitate and go for it!

Best Clubs in Ibiza

If you’re looking to go clubbing in Ibiza, there are several clubs that you should consider. The type of club you go to is all going to depend on your individual taste since there are so many clubs and options on the islands. Here are some club options that you might consider for your vacation

Amnesia Ibiza

This club was once the estate for a Spanish family that was quite wealthy. This club will hold 5000 individuals and it’s been favored bike lovers and dance artists since the 1980s. There’s a custom sound system here, and there’s even an enclosed greenhouse Terrace area where Partiers will dance into the sun rise. this could be the perfect club for you to visit when you are on your vacation.


This is a unique clubbing experience which takes place in a converted estate. This is just off the edge of the airport in Ibiza. So it would be a perfect club for you to go to as you get off the airplane and want to place to relax.  This club is housed in an old airport hangar and it has a capacity of 1,500.


This club has gone through several Renovations and is now open to the public. It Now features a sound system which is state-of-the-art and it also offers catering services too many different events in the area. This is an excellent club to visit if you want a great time.


If you wanted great cultural and clubbing experience, you should visit Heart.  there is great live performances here, dining experiences, and nightlife attractions. It is owned by Guy Laliberté the founder of Cirque du Soleil and the brothers Ferran and Albert Andria. This place offers an excellent clubbing experience

Pacha Ibiza

In 1973, this club opened.  This is one of the best-known clubs in the area and you’ll find it at the heart of the Ibiza town. many famous and rich people come to this club and you’ll have a tremendous experience when you do visit. If you’re looking to enjoy exciting nightlife and even run into some celebrities, this is the club you want to visit.


This club is massive and it’s in the Guinness Book of World Records as it’s the world’s largest nightclub. There’s an open-air dance floor here, swimming pool, host, and even adult entertainment. You’ll find that this is the perfect club before all different types of tastes and for those that want to experience a truly unique clubbing experience.

Space Ibiza

This club was awarded the honors as being the best Global Club and it’s won this award four times. It’s been given this award by the international dance music awards. this club hot spot is found in one of the largest and oldest in the town. this is an excellent place to go for your clubbing experience.


If you want to Unique clubbing experience, come to this Beachside open-air party. You can get top-notch a VIP treatment and this club is known for its dancing girls. This club also operates in the daytime and there’s a pool so you can take in some swimming as you enjoy the clubbing atmosphere.


These are just some of the clubs that you can enjoy on Ibiza. There is a club here for anyone that is interested in night club life, dancing, great music, and good food. You’ll find a club here for any need or taste.